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"Until There Are None, Adopt One"
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JuddHave you ever wished you could adopt one of the dogs you see in our Adoption Gallery, but you just can't have another dog?

Have you ever thought of all the dogs dying in shelters and wished you could do something for them?

Now You Can! Be an SBPR Sponsor!

Your donation is fully tax deductible!

SBPR Sponsors donate money to help us help the dogs. Each dog in our program requires vet care. Some only require a spay or neuter and a few shots but too many of them, like Judd, the Schnauzer pictured here, need surgery or other expensive medical treatments, to save their lives and make them ready for adoption. Judd's medical bills were over $700. His teeth were so badly neglected that they became infected and caused severe infections in his sinus cavities. He's fine now, living in his new home, but his bills still need to be paid.

There are many more like Judd who will be turned away without your help. Every dog we rescue requires food, blankets, grooming, advertising, and transportation. All of this adds up quickly, yet we only ask a small fee to adopt them, often only a small fraction of what we invested in the dog. That's why we need your help to cover the costs of rehabilitation, allowing us to save more dogs that would die without your help.

None of our volunteers are paid for their work. Every dollar donated goes to the care and rehabilitation of the dogs we rescue.

To sponsor any one of our dogs, go to the ADOPTION GALLERY and click the "PayPal" button under "your" dog's picture. You will instantly be taken to the PayPal secure website where you can use your credit card to make a donation that will help place "your" dog in a loving, forever home.


If you aren't already signed up to use PayPal, click on the PayPal logo to sign up. PayPal will donate $5.00 to us to help the dogs and they will credit you with $5.00 more to donate to us too!  

Don't have a credit card but still want to Sponsor a dog? That's easy. Send a check to the address below and be sure to tell us which dog you wish to sponsor! 

South Bay Purebred Rescue
P.O. Box 36090
San Jose, CA 95158