South Bay
Purebred Rescue

Dog Items We Need

"Until There Are None, Adopt One"
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We always need most of the items listed below 

Please bring the items that you want to donate to one of our Pet Fairs 

All donated items should be clean and in serviceable condition

No rags or broken items please


paw Dog Items We Always Need!

  • Towels, any size
  • Blankets, Comforters & Bedspreads (no electric blankets, please)
  • Baby blankets & comforters
  • Mattress pads
  • Flat Sheets
  • Dog beds (clean and in good condition only)
  • Dog Bowls - Stainless Steel or plastic only, please (no glass or ceramic)
  • Vari-Kennels (plastic airline type crates) in good condition with all parts intact
  • Clean dog toys in good condition, no tears or holes
  • Topical flea control such as Frontline, Advantage, or Revolution
  • Sweaters, jackets, collars, leashes in good condition

paw We are not accepting large items as this time.