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"Until There Are None, Adopt One"
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Keep a collar and tags on your dog at all times.  It may be your only hope in finding a missing pet.  The words "Needs Meds" on your dog's tags will stop someone from deciding to keep your dog if they find him.

paw If you have lost your dog:

  • South Bay Purebred Rescue does not search for lost dogs.  We accept only dogs that have been surrendered by their owners or left unclaimed as strays in a shelter. 
  • Make up flyers that can be seen easily by passing cars.  Include a recent picture of your dog and a phone number that is connected to an answering machine.  Put up the flyers for at least one mile in all directions from your home right away and increase this area as each day passes.  Be sure to include as many vets and groomers as possible (most have Fax machines).

    ** Remember to REMOVE the flyers once the dog is found. **

  • Visit all neighboring shelters or animal control facilities.  Daily visits are best but do this at least every other day.  Fill out the lost dog form and be sure to check the found dog reports on file.  Also check the "DOA" (dead on arrival) reports from the animal control facilities.

  • Talk to your postal carrier, meter readers and gardeners in your neighborhood.

  • Go door to door leaving flyers if you can.

  • Ask all the kids in the neighborhood as well as the people who normally walk or jog in your neighborhood. 

paw If you have found a dog:

  • South Bay Purebred Rescue does not accept stray dogs off the streets.  If you have found a lost dog, please do not assume it has no owner.  It is very likely that the dog has accidentally escaped its yard and may have lost its collar. He probably has a frantic family searching for him.

  • If you are able to keep the dog while trying to locate the owner, place a found ad in the local newspaper (many papers do not charge for these ads) and check the "Lost Ads" daily just in case the owner misses your ad.

  • The dog may be microchipped. You can take the dog to a vet or animal shelter and have them scan the dog. If it's microchipped, the owner can be identified from the information contained on in the chip.

  • Make up flyers that can be seen easily by passing cars and post them in the area where you found the dog.

    ** Remember to REMOVE the flyers once the dog is claimed by the owner. **

  • Call the local shelters and animal control facilities and give a "Found Dog Report"

  • If you cannot keep the dog while trying to locate the owner, contain the dog in your yard or garage and call Animal Control for a stray pickup or take the animal to your nearest shelter.  Be sure to get the impound number from the Animal Control Officer or the Shelter Staff.  If the dog is a purebred, call South Bay Purebred Rescue at (408) 629-8293 and give us the impound number you were given.  We will check with the shelter to see if this dog was reclaimed by its owner.  If no owner comes forward, we will be able to rescue the dog from the shelter before it is euthanized.
  • If the dog you find has been injured, call a nearby Veterinarian for instructions.

paw Using Search Engines

  • The following Search Engine links may be of use in finding your dog. Keep in mind that using search engines is not a substitute for going to the shelter.  If the breed of your dog has been misidentified by the shelter staff, your dog won't come up in the search, even though he is sitting at the shelter waiting to be reclaimed.

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