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About 4 years ago I was ready to get a new companion and was surfing through Petfinder looking for a little poodle. This little dogs picture popped up...a chinese crested puppy, 6 months old. The cutest little dog I've ever seen. My husband said...go get him. And I did the next day. Although I wanted a little lap dog, my poor Shaggy is HUGE! He was supposed to be only about 18 pounds but is up to about 28. You know what? I would not trade this dog for anything. He is well behaved. He is clean, and hardly ever barks. And stays right by my side when we walk..actually never leaves my side. He is my shadow. So lovable, loves the other two dogs we have aquired. I have to say he is the best dog ever. I love him so much and thank you South Bay Purebred Rescue for making the adoption process so easy for us. We love our Shaggy....


Can you help?  Great dogs like Shaggy are left to die in shelters everyday.  We rely on the donations of people like you to help us raise the funds needed to care for a few of these dogs and give them the chance that you gave Shaggy!! You can make any donation by going to the paypal link at the top of this page or you can mail a check to:

South Bay Purebred Rescue
P.O. Box 36090
San Jose, CA 95158