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October 28, 2009

We rescued Mia about a month ago in September 2009 after visiting her at her foster home with Gwen, who is an amazing foster parent (along with her husband Terry). We kept the name Gwen had given her because it just suits her too well. Mia is adjusting well and bonded with us very quickly--she follows us everywhere we go! She is loyal, sassy but sweet, and stays still when we apply her eye ointments and give her baths. She is wary around strangers and tends to bark at them because she is so protective of us. She loves going on walks and will do anything for a treat! Mia's favorite pastime is cuddling on the couch with us while being burrowed under blankets. She's truly a joy to have around (yes, even when she has those occasional accident around the house)! Thank you SPBR for a great experience in our first time rescuing a dog.

K.Lin & Mike V.

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