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We came down to the Pet Fair yesterday to look at Kiarra, the Rat Terrier.  We didn't really care what kind of dog she was, or breed, we just knew we wanted a smaller dog, as we already had a larger one.  We saw her picture on your website and thought she was cute.  I had no idea what a rat terrier even was in terms of breed.  When we got to the store and we saw her I knew she was probably going to be going home with us. She was adorable and very affectionate and loving.  We walked her around the store (myself and my 2 children) and she was just a great little dog. After asking your volunteer, Karen Souza many questions, I decided I would love to have her be our forever dog.  It is now exactly 24 hours later and it seems like she has been here for a month. 

She is a delight in every way, gets along with everyone, loves and plays a lot with our other dog, a german shepherd mix and likes to cuddle on our laps and take naps with us too.  We know she is still a pup at only 9 1/2 months , so we are keeping our eye on her every minute to curb the possible chewing and other things puppies do.  She is getting a ton of attention and always will.  So far she has been on a long walk to the local Noahs Bagels with our other dog Kona, a car ride and walk around the Farmers Market in Los Gatos ( where everyone stared at her in her new pink leash and harness), and then another car ride to Petco and walk around the store, for treats and things. 

We really have bonded with her and she has with us.  I know she is going to have a happy home with our family for a long time.  Thank you for bringing her to the pet fair and for all that Southbay Purebred Rescue does.(here is a picture we took today of her resting in the shade between laps around our yard with Kona)  

Judy Stanley

The Stanley Family



Can you help?  Great dogs like Kiarra are left to die in shelters everyday.  We rely on the donations of people like you to help us raise the funds needed to care for a few of these dogs and give them the chance that you gave Kiarra!! You can make any donation by going to the paypal link at the top of this page or you can mail a check to:

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