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October 28, 2009

Hi Carol,

Just wanted to let you know that Kanga is doing really well.  We've decided to call her Mollie because she has such a sweet face.  I've been working and playing with her several times a day in the backyard, she loves the mini frisbee and chasing a ball.  She also loves a knotted up piece of fabric!  And, those bully bones are wonderful!

Her first night she cried a bit but I slept in the living room with her and had a small light on.  By the third night I was able to go back to my own bed. 

She is eating well and sleeps often.  She doesn't mind doing her "business" on the lawn but doesn't like to go in the dirt area I'm hoping for.  I actually taught her to sit and today to "come".  She does pretty well unless she is in one of her hyper frenzy modes running like crazy and jumping and flipping and flopping on her belly.   

My husband took pictures but hasn't posted them to our computer yet, these are the only two I have so far. 

I think I'll weigh her tomorrow to see how much she has grown.  Oh, I ended up making an appointment with the same doctor who did her surgery.  She goes in on Nov. 2.  I also called Town & Country Training and the woman said she can come to the Jan. 9th class and that she will be just the right age.

Well, that's about it. Hope all is well and that the other pups got adopted too.

Wendy Sprague


November 3, 2009

Hi Carol,

Mollie went to Adam Pet Clinic yesterday and received kudos from the doc.  She did very well but ended up being a very drowsy puppy the rest of the day.   She gained almost 2 pounds since she came home to us! 

Today she learned how to HIGH FIVE ---- so cute!

Here are two pics from today.  I won't bug you a bunch about her I just thought you'd like to know she did well at the vet and he was wonderful just like you said.  Oh, she let me clip her nails this morning no problem.


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