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April 15, 2009

Hello Carol,
Just dropping a note to let you know that our puppy Tricksy (CeCe at SBPR), is doing very well.
She had her 2nd vaccination yesterday, and Dr.Atwal gave her a good clean bill of health. Since her arrival here 10 days ago, she's gained a healthy 3/4 lb.
We've named her "Tricksy" now, because of her naughty little 'pixie'-like antics. She's very clever, and can't be fooled for long. She plays naughty little tricks on us, running off with much-desired and not allowed edibles (leaves, sticks, chapstick) that she discovers even under our watchful eyes. We all love her, especially my girls, who spoil her thoroughly and help in all her training most carefully. Tricksy is now partly house-trained, going about half the time on her litter paper - we opted out on the crate-training. We've made her a comfy playpen, where she stays for about 10 minutes twice a day to have some quiet time. She loves to nap on the sunny mat just by the patio door, and at night sleeps in her doggy-bed at the foot of our bed. She's a very good morning alarm, jumping on the bed and licking and nibbling at us until we give in. She still eats her 'Innova' food, but we've added some plain whole-wheat tortilla (home-made with just wheat flour and water). She absolutely loves this and wolfs it down faster than we can put it in her bowl. Her favorite toys are the ball in the yard which she chases and dodges like an expert soccer player, and her rope, and a small soft chew-toy puppy. Sometimes she curls up with our big soft-toy dog (thinking it's her mum).
Here are some pics for you of our new happy family-member...
Thanks for the lovely bundle of joy!


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