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Buffy and Spike

I Just wanted to thank you for bringing my Buffy, Slurpy to you, into my life. We adopted her in September of 2001 when she was 12 weeks old and she really was the best dog I ever had. I waited 10 years to get another boxer because we were in an apartment and couldn't have dogs, but she was so much worth the wait. Her big happy grin and funny little wiggly dance made every day better. I really never understood why she was in rescue , how could someone not want her? Well we wanted her very much and loved her just as much as she loved us. Sadly Buffy passed away on July 23, 2010 after a 4 year bout with cancer, I am heartbroken but thankful that her life was not full of suffering and that we had her for the time that we did. The vet only gave her 6 months to a year to live after the first 2 tumors were removed and she made it another 4 years I thanked God everyday for that. She was playful and happy and you would never know she had cancer at all if it wasn't for the few tumors she developed over the past year. She truly was my best friend and I will forever miss her.

We also adopted another dog from you, a Xolo that you called Brenner we named Spike. He came to you from a shelter along with his litter mates and while at first I was not sure about getting a bald dog my daughter really wanted him. I made her do some research and know all the extra things they would need before we came and got him from you in July of 2004. He is a sweet boy, he really likes people and other dogs a lot. Spike is doing well but you can tell that he misses his playmate Buffy. He is truly a great friend to my daughter he runs along side of her bike while she rides everyday. The moment she gets home from school, she is studying to be a vet tech, he follows her everywhere she goes. He's a good boy, thank you for letting us take him home. I know someday, when the time comes I will be calling you to get another friend. Thanks again for the wonderful family members, we were lucky to have them.

                                                  The Weavers Vivian, Rich, Allen, Megan, & Nick

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