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October 18, 2009

Just wanted to let you know how well Benny is doing. I am amazed at how well he is getting along with the cats. The smallest cat who was very attached to Mojo is becoming buddies with Benny. They both will sit on my or my husbands lap together and also we have seen Benny cleaning the cats ears on 2 different occasions. Mojo use to clean her ears so I am sure she is thrilled. The larger Male cat will sniff Benny and likes to sit on the table and keep an eye on him. The 3rd cat is keeping her distance a bit more. They have sniffed each other but not too much else.

It is cold and raining this weekend so we did not get to do anything exciting outside with Benny but I have attached 2 pictures from the day I got home. One of the kids playing with Benny outside and another of a bath the kids took with Benny.

Benny is fascinated by the falling leaves. He has been having lots of fun playing out side in the leaves. Benny is so very lovable and he is already an extermely important member of the family. The kids have been buging me to take him in for show and tell. Tomorrow is picture day so I am going to bring him in to their pre-school in the morning so that he can be in the picture.

Benny send a sloppy kiss,

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