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April 4, 2009

Here is a little update on Allie.

She is doing great, and is exactly the right dog for me. I've taken in lots of animals, but have only fallen for one other dog like Allie, and that was when I was 6. That dog lived to be 18--I had him all the way through college to my first teaching job--and I'm hoping Allie will be with me as long. She follows me about like a shadow, and has only two settings--on and off, play or cuddle. She loves everyone, and is loved by the entire music department at our university. She comes to work with me for now, because she just seems too small to leave alone. I've bought her a small little crate-carrying bag that she has taken to pretty well. There is no shortage of babysitters, she snuggles and plays with everyone equally, and is completely fearless. My first pictures of her are actually cell phone shots taken by my students.

She doesn't like to be left alone yet, but I am working on it with her a few minutes at a time. She is almost fully housebroken to a puppy pad. She will only sleep with me right now--she whines non-stop if I try to put her down, so I give in on this for now. She is beginning to get a little more independent the last couple of days, and it seems to me she has accomplished a lot for one week, so I grant her this one small thing. Who could resist?

She had her stitches taken out today and seems unbothered by that, and I double-checked on her shots while I was there, so I believe her health is under control. I bought her the food you gave her, and she is flourishing. In fact, I think she's grown more than I realized in one week, as I weighed her on my people scale, and she it says she is 3 1/2 pounds.

She has many toys. I'm not certain how it happened, but I realize she is already spoiled. Attached are a few photos of her.

We've decided that her extended name is "Allegra" which is a female form of a musical term "Allegro" but also means happy, joyful, which fits her. But we still call her Allie.

Thanks for Allie.


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