South Bay
Purebred Rescue

To Give Up A Dog

"Until There Are None, Adopt One"
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South Bay Purebred Rescue offers behavior counseling and basic obedience and training tips to help you keep your dog whenever possible.

If you love your dog but are frustrated with its behavior, we can help you.

 Please call us at:
(408) 629-8293


If you have decided you can no longer keep your dog, please read the following guidelines carefully to see if your dog meets our program requirements.

  • Owner surrendered dogs must be Purebreds.  If your dog is a mixed breed, we will refer you to a local rescue group who may be able to help you.

  • We prefer all dogs be spayed or neutered at the time of surrender. Unspayed or unneutered dogs will be accepted into the program but you will be asked to make a donation to SBPR to help cover the cost of these procedures.
  • Depending on vaccine records, health issues and grooming needs of the dog, you may be asked for a donation to help us with the expenses involved in getting your dog ready for adoption.

  • Your dog must be in good general health.  Medical conditions that are controlled by medication or diet may be acceptable, depending on the severity of the condition and the quality of the dog's life.

  • You must be honest about your dog's bad habits and behavioral problems.  We can work with many things but only if we are aware of the problem from the start.

Once you have agreed to the conditions above, call South Bay Purebred Rescue at (408) 629-8293 to make arrangements to surrender your dog.

  • During this phone call you will be asked questions about your dog to see if it meets our requirements. 

  • If accepted, you will be told where and when to bring your dog for surrender.  If you do not keep your appointment, you must call us again to get another appointment.  Your dog will not be accepted without an appointment.

  • Be sure you have all shot records and proof of spay/neuter with you when you bring your dog to us.

  • You will be required to sign a relinquish form giving SBPR sole ownership of your dog.
paw If you still have questions, please call (408) 629-8293 to speak to our Hotline Counselor.