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Frequently Asked Questions

"Until There Are None, Adopt One"
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(Updated April 2, 2019)

pawWhere do you get your dogs?

  • Our dogs are rescued primarily from animal shelters. We also accept owner-relinquished dogs.

paw Where do you keep the dogs?

  • The dogs live with volunteer foster homes in their houses.

paw How long do you keep the dogs in your program?

  • Dogs are kept until they're adopted. Sometimes we have a dog for one day, sometimes for a few months until the right home comes along. We depend on adoption fees and donations from the public to continue to do this work.

paw Are the dogs housebroken?

  • Unless an animal is surrendered to us by its owner, we wouldn't know if it is housebroken. We treat all incoming dogs as if they aren't housebroken just to be safe.

paw How does the adoption process work?

  • We screen by asking a variety of questions in person at our pet fairs or over the phone if we're setting up an appointment during the week. Once a determination has been made that the dog may be a match for your family, you get to meet with the dog and decide if you'd like to adopt. Then you will be given an adoption contract to fill out and sign. Pay the adoption fee and you go home with your new pet!

paw Do you have a waiting list for certain breeds?

  • We do not have a waiting list at this time.

paw Is there a place I can come see the dogs you have?

  • Our Saturday pet fairs are held almost every weekend. Please check the Pet Fair Schedule to see where we will be next. We do not have a shelter, facility or office. Foster homes will sometimes show dogs via private appointment during the week as their schedules allow.

paw Who pays for South Bay's vet bills and food?

  • All South Bay Purebred Rescue's support comes from our adoption fees and private donations. We do not have corporate sponsorship, vets that donate services or any type of outside funding.

paw Where do the adoption fees go?

  • The money we get from adoption fees goes to our vet bills and overhead to care for the dogs. Some of the other items are: dog food, grooming, medications, leashes & collars, vaccinations, web hosting and telephone bills.

paw What does the adoption fee cover?

  • The adoption fee covers whatever the dog needs to get him ready for adoption. All dogs are spayed or neutered, fully vaccinated for their age, groomed and de-wormed. Many dogs need additional things like foxtail removal, ear flush, eye surgery, umbilical hernia, dental cleaning and a host of other things that are taken care of as needed.

paw Is there a trial period?

  • If an adoption does not work out and the animal is returned within 14 days, the adoption fee will be refunded less $100. Returns are accepted after the 14 day period, but we are not required to give a refund after that point.

paw Will you make an exception for age restrictions?

  • Our age restrictions are in place for the safety of the dog, the adopter or both. It would be irresponsible for us to make exceptions.

paw It says you're purebred rescue; how come you have so many mixes?

  • While our primary focus is purebred dogs, we will take mixes as space allows.

paw I was told I can't adopt the dog I want; is there an appeals process?

  • We are as careful as we can to place dogs in well-matched situations. If we feel that the dog you're interested in is not a good match for your family, schedule, level of experience or any other reason, we will not do the adoption. We will try and guide you to another dog that would be more appropriate for you, but there is no appeal process once an adoption is declined.

paw I am interested in adopting a dog, but want to look around. Will you hold a dog for a few days until I think about it?

  • We cannot hold dogs. If you decide to wait on making a decision, please be prepared for the fact that the dog you were interested may have been adopted by someone else in the meantime.

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